Personalized Attention for Serious Injury Cases

Attorney Jacob Rhein litigates serious injury cases in the Atlanta metro area and throughout Georgia. Representative cases include the following:

  • Assault
  • Back injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Car accidents
  • Dental injuries
  • Nursing home abuse and neglect
  • Premises liability
  • Slip and fall
  • Wrongful death


People who have been seriously injured deserve to have absolute confidence in their attorneys. At Rhein Law, you will not be forgotten about or passed off to a paralegal. You will work one-on-one with attorney Jacob D. Rhein to achieve the best possible outcome in your case.

There are many types of personal injury law firms in Georgia. There are firms that serve mainly as clearinghouses. They use billboards, direct calls, and aggressive online advertising to sign up hundreds of clients, and then refer them out to lawyers you have never met. Then there are firms that act like insurance adjusters. They gather medical bills, police reports, and policy information, and then attempts to negotiate quick settlements with the insurance company. Firms like that hardly ever try cases, but instead rely on non-lawyer support staff. If these firms can’t settle the case, then they refer it away for a fee. And finally, there are firms that actually litigate and try difficult cases for people who have suffered serious injuries. They take depositions, argue motions in court, advocate for their clients at mediation, and go to trial. Rhein Law is the kind of injury firm that goes all the way.


Injury victims should never be expected to put up with an unresponsive lawyer. But too often, lawyers lose their client’s trust by failing to respond in a reasonable way to emails and phone calls. The worst offenders ruin their clients’ cases through professional negligence, resulting in a permanent loss of the right to sue.

Rhein Law LLC is dedicated to helping clients who have been harmed by the negligence, unresponsiveness, and dishonesty of other lawyers. An integral part of that mission is taking over cases for individuals who no longer trust their current lawyer’s competence, diligence, or attention to their case. When other attorneys have abandoned personal injury cases, we have taken those same cases and achieved favorable settlements exceeding the clients’ expectations. Our clients tell us that switching to Rhein Law was the best decision that they could have made.


In Georgia, you should ALWAYS ask your lawyer whether he or she has current professional liability insurance. Lawyers in Georgia are not required to carry insurance or disclose their insurance status unless they are asked. Unfortunately, the worst lawyers are usually the same ones who don’t have insurance, either because (1) they are too irresponsible to care, (2) they can’t afford insurance because their business is in rough shape, or (3) they have already lost their insurance due to prior legal malpractice claims.

If your lawyer does not have insurance, or refuses to provide proof of insurance, you should consider IMMEDIATELY changing lawyers.

The Georgia Rules of Professional Conduct generally require that a lawyer should keep the client informed about their case through “reasonable communication.” But since lawyers are so busy, they often fail to respond to client phone calls for weeks and even months. This makes some clients extremely nervous. At Rhein Law, we think that a client’s anxiety is usually more “reasonable” than the lawyer’s failure to respond. Reasonable communication does not permit a lawyer to ignore a client for weeks on end.

Our philosophy of “reasonable communication” is based on honesty, transparency, and humility. Here are some examples of how this works in practice:

  • HONESTY. Instead of making promises that we can’t keep, we try to help our clients understand our business model. Part of our initial conversation with you will likely involve discussing how we can communicate with you effectively, and how you can get our attention when you need it. We want to learn your expectations from day one.
  • TRANSPARENCY. We usually blind-copy (Bcc) our clients on emails to third parties and opposing counsel so that you stay “in the loop.” Upon request, we can also share access to your file at any time through a secure portal on our cloud-based filing system, so that you can follow along as your case progresses. Before filing any important document in court, we will send you a copy. Usually, we also send a draft in advance so that you will have a chance to give it your approval or make any necessary edits.
  • HUMILITY. We appreciate constructive criticism. Despite our best efforts, there have been times when we have been so busy that a client feels forgotten. If that happens, we are quick to apologize for the delay and ask what we can do to make things right. A client should never be afraid to tell a lawyer that he or she is not meeting expectations.

If you’ve lost confidence in your lawyer due to lack of communication, we will do our best to restore your trust in the legal profession by giving your case the attention it deserves.



Rhein Strikes Back for Fraud Victim

Rhein represented a small business owner who was being wrongfully sued for breach of a contract and threatened with additional litigation by a franchisor. Rhein counterclaimed against the plaintiff for fraud and civil RICO and aggressively prepared the case for trial. After Rhein conducted multiple depositions, the plaintiff dismissed the breach of contract claim and paid Rhein’s client a substantial settlement for fraud, including punitive damages.

Rhein Gets Lightning-Fast Settlement for Injury Victim

Rhein represented an Uber driver who had suffered a back injury. The client’s former lawyer had stopped communicating with the client for several months and was letting important evidence get stale. Rhein entered the case as the second lawyer and began to aggressively prepare the case for trial. Within one month, Rhein settled the case for twenty times more than the client’s former lawyer had been able to obtain.