Representative Cases

Rhein Law LLC has secured millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for individuals and small businesses who had been harmed by the negligence, incompetence, and dishonesty of others. We are proud of our results and stand ready to solve whatever legal problem you are facing. Some of our recent wins are described below:

Rhein Defeats Charging Lien and Recovers $480,000 for Slip-and-Fall Plaintiff

Rhein represented a woman who had been injured in a slip and fall incident, requiring surgery. The client had originally hired another law firm but she fired them when the law firm’s paralegal purported to settle the case without the client’s permission. The former law firm then filed a fraudulent charging lien against the purported settlement in the amount of $50,000. Rhein entered the case as substitute counsel and defeated the defendant’s motion to enforce the settlement by arguing that a paralegal does not have “apparent authority” to bind a law firm’s client. Rhein then filed and prevailed on a motion to strike the fraudulent lien. After extensive discovery, Rhein defeated the defendant’s motion for summary judgment and negotiated a final settlement of $480,000 for the client (more than four times what had been obtained before).

Rhein Obtains $1 Million Judgment in Slip-and-Fall Legal Malpractice Case

Rhein represented a man whose slip-and-fall injury case was dismissed as a result of a former lawyer’s carelessness and dishonesty. The defendant lawyer initially answered the complaint and counterclaimed for allegedly unpaid attorney’s fees. But when Rhein scheduled her deposition, the lawyer willfully failed to appear and abandoned her defense of the case. Rhein brought a motion for sanctions. After multiple hearings, Rhein obtained a judgment against the former lawyer in excess of $1 million, including $100,000 in punitive damages.

Rhein Wins $500,000 Legal Malpractice Settlement

Rhein represented a woman who had been seriously injured in a high speed collision involving a government vehicle. Her former lawyer  failed to serve a proper ante litem notice before filing a lawsuit against the government, resulting in no recovery for the injured client. Rhein asserted a claim for legal malpractice and recovered a $500,000 policy limits settlement.

Rhein Overturns Murder Conviction in Georgia Supreme Court

Rhein represented a man who had been unfairly convicted of murdering a security guard in Fulton County during a drive-by shooting with an AK-47 assault rifle. Rhein entered the case as the third lawyer on appeal and successfully argued “plain error” in failing to charge the jury on the requirement of accomplice corroboration. Neither of the client’s previous lawyers had raised the issue.

Rhein Obtains Policy Limits Settlement for Family of Wrongful Death Victim

Rhein and co-counsel represented family of woman who had tragically died of Steven Johnson syndrome due to nursing home neglect. The clients’ former lawyer had sued the wrong entity and failed to correct the error in time, resulting in dismissal of the clients’ case with prejudice. Rhein brought the claim against the former lawyer’s professional liability insurance, resulting in a confidential policy-limits settlement for the client.

Rhein Recovers $208,000 for Client in Auto Accident Case Without Surgery

Rhein represented a man who suffered a neck injury when the vehicle in which he was a passenger ran a red light. The client received a surgical recommendation but declined to get the surgery due to personal circumstances. Rhein negotiated a settlement of $208,000.

Rhein Recovers $75,000 for Wrongful Eviction Victim on Appeal

Rhein represented a man who was illegally ousted from an apartment where he was a subtenant. The client’s former lawyer had brought a small claim in magistrate court to recover $15,000 property damage, but the magistrate judge found no liability for the apartment complex. The client then hired Rhein to appeal the magistrate judge’s decision. On de novo appeal to superior court, Rhein retained a forensic document examiner and proved that the defendant had falsified documents and committed perjury to avoid liability in the original magistrate trial. After defeating a motion for summary judgment, Rhein obtained a settlement of $75,000.

Rhein Secures $130,000 in Unauthorized Settlement Case

Rhein represented a woman whose former lawyer had settled her personal injury lawsuit without permission. Rhein determined that even though the lawyer’s settlement was unauthorized, it was binding on the client under existing law. Rhein therefore assisted the client in finalizing the injury settlement, and then brought a claim against the lawyer’s insurance, resulting in a total recovery greater than $130,000.

Rhein Secures $115,000 for Victim of Legal Malpractice

Rhein represented a woman whose lawyer failed to properly respond to a motion for summary judgment in federal court. Other lawyers declined the legal malpractice case because the underlying matter was too speculative. After a thorough case review, Rhein crafted a successful argument showing that the client would have prevailed in the underlying case but for the lawyer’s negligence. The case ultimately settled for $115,000.

Rhein Defeats Attorney’s Lien

Rhein represented a woman whose former attorney filed an unfair lien on her personal injury settlement. Rhein and his co-counsel presented evidence that the former attorney had settled the underlying case without authorization. The former attorney ultimately agreed to release the lien and his claim for fees and paid the client additional funds to settle her allegations of legal malpractice.

Rhein Holds Personal Injury Lawyer Accountable for Missing Statute of Limitations

Rhein represented a woman who had suffered a serious back injury during a car accident. The client’s former lawyer failed to file a lawsuit against the responsible driver in time, and then withdrew from the case after trying to cover up his negligence. Rhein sued the former lawyer for legal malpractice, resulting in a confidential settlement.

Rhein Reverses Student Loan Default and Wins Summary Judgment

Rhein represented a woman and her disabled immigrant father in challenging a default judgment in a student loan collections case. The clients had borrowed the money almost a decade ago but had stopped paying on the notes due to personal circumstances. The bank had filed a lawsuit and had obtained a default judgment by serving the disabled father, who did not speak English. After a hearing, the court set aside the default and reopened the case. The parties then engaged in discovery, after which Rhein secured a summary judgment of dismissal by establishing that the loan documents were not executed under seal, and that the bank’s lawsuit was untimely under a 6-year statute of limitations rather than a 20-year statute.

Rhein Strikes Back for Fraud Victim

Rhein represented a small business owner who was being wrongfully sued for breach of a contract and threatened by a franchisor. Rhein counterclaimed against the plaintiff for fraud and civil RICO and aggressively prepared the case for trial. After Rhein conducted multiple depositions, the plaintiff dismissed the breach of contract claim and paid Rhein’s client a substantial settlement for fraud, including punitive damages.

Rhein Obtains Mediated Settlement for Rear-ended Driver

Rhein represented a woman who had been seriously injured in a high-speed collision that caused relatively little damage to the vehicles. Three prior law firms had withdrawn from the case due to conflicting physical evidence and the client’s preexisting medical conditions. Rhein entered the case as the fourth lawyer and used the client’s extensive medical record to negotiate a favorable settlement for the client at mediation.

Rhein Counterclaims and Defeats Attorney’s Lien

Rhein represented a woman whose former lawyer had filed a $35,000 lien against her home and had brought an action to foreclose for unpaid fees. Rhein counterclaimed for legal malpractice and declaratory judgment, and issued the lawyer a notice of deposition at her office. The lawyer purposefully failed to appear for the deposition and locked Rhein out of the office during business hours. Rhein brought a motion for sanctions. The lawyer ultimately withdrew the lien and paid the client an additional $30,000 in damages.

Rhein Wins Judgment for Fraud and Breach of Contract

Rhein represented an investor who had hired a fraudulent contractor to gut-renovate an entire home. The contractor lied about having various licenses and skills, and then performed substandard and incomplete services. Rhein sued the contractor and, with the help of expert testimony, obtained a full judgment for the client.

Rhein Holds Chiropractor Accountable for Physical Attack on Girlfriend

Rhein represented a woman whose former boyfriend, a chiropractor, had physically assaulted her in a fit of rage. The defendant ultimately settled at mediation on the terms demanded by the victim.

Rhein Overturns Dismissal of Personal Injury Case in Court of Appeals

Rhein overturned dismissal of a pro se lawsuit by woman who suffered nerve damage during a routine blood draw at her doctor’s office. The trial court had dismissed the lawsuit because the plaintiff pleaded her case as “medical malpractice” but failed to include a required affidavit of a medical expert. On appeal, Rhein argued that the complaint stated a claim for simple negligence and battery rather than medical malpractice, because a phlebotomist is not a medical professional and the plaintiff’s complaint alleged lack of informed consent. The Court of Appeals agreed and reinstated the client’s personal injury case.

Rhein Removes Default Judgment and Secures Dismissal

Rhein represented a man who had incurred a default judgment without his knowledge, resulting in a suspended driver’s license and thousands of dollars of debt. The client found Rhein two years later. Rhein filed a motion to set aside the judgment for want of jurisdiction due to a hidden procedural error. The trial court agreed and vacated the judgment and dismissed the case, relieving the client of liability and reinstating the client’s suspended driver’s license.

Rhein Gets Lightning-Fast Settlement for Back Injury Victim

Rhein represented an Uber driver who had suffered a back injury. The client’s former lawyer had stopped communicating with the client for several months and was letting important evidence get stale. Rhein entered the case as the second lawyer and began to aggressively prepare the case for trial. Within one month, Rhein settled the case for twenty times more than the client’s former lawyer had been able to obtain.

Rhein Holds Lawyer Accountable for Theft of Client Funds

Rhein represented client who alleged that her former lawyer had stolen part of her personal injury settlement. Rhein sued the former lawyer for an equitable accounting and secured a $50,000 settlement at mediation.

Rhein Protects Condominium Owner from Unreasonable Attorney’s Fees

Rhein defended owner of condominium in lawsuit for unpaid attorney’s fees. Rhein carefully examined the plaintiff’s records and developed a creative argument about why the fees were unreasonable. Plaintiff’s counsel laughed at Rhein all the way up to trial, until Rhein persuaded the trial judge to rule in his client’s favor and won a judgment of “no liability.”

Rhein Secures Recovery for Victim of Wire Fraud

Rhein represented cash home buyer who had fallen victim to a wire fraud scheme due to inadequate security procedures by the real estate agent and closing law firm. The defendants knew that their email system had been hacked but failed to notify the client before criminals used the law firm’s email account to send fraudulent wiring instructions. Rhein sued the closing firm and real estate agent for negligence, resulting in full repayment of the missing funds plus recovery of attorney’s fees for the client.

Rhein Forces Homeowner’s Insurance to Pay Contested Claim

Rhein represented a homeowner whose insurance company refused to pay a large, contested claim. Rhein threatened to sue the insurance company for bad faith and obtained full payment of the claim plus compensation for attorney’s fees within 60 days.

Rhein Negotiates Favorable Settlement for Injured Ride-Share Passenger

Rhein represented a military veteran who had been injured due to distracted driving when his rideshare driver started looking at a cell phone app while exiting the highway. The client’s former lawyer withdrew from the case after the client demanded more frequent communication. Rhein entered the case as the second lawyer, persuaded the former lawyer to waive his claim for fees, and obtained a favorable settlement for the client within 90 days.

Rhein Wins Fraud Judgment

Rhein represented a woman whose former boyfriend defrauded her of a large sum of money and then lied to cover up his scheme. When Rhein finished his cross-examination of the defendant, the judge found beyond a preponderance of the evidence that the defendant’s testimony was not credible and entered judgment for Rhein’s client for the entire sum.

Rhein Holds Divorce Attorney Accountable for Negligence and Undue Pressure

Rhein represented a woman following a contentious divorce case. The woman’s former lawyer had not been diligent in seeking discovery, resulting in a lack of preparedness at mediation. To cover up his mistake, the lawyer had pressured the client into an unfair settlement by belittling her, threatening to charge excessive attorney’s fees, and breaking confidentiality by calling the client’s teenage child during the mediation without consent. Rhein brought a claim for legal malpractice and recovered substantial damages.

Rhein Wins Policy Limits for Victim of Seatbelt Breast Injury

Rhein represented a woman whose breast was injured by a shoulder seatbelt during a high speed motor vehicle collision. The responsible insurance company denied that the breast condition was caused by the collision and instead tried to blame the client’s age, health, and other factors. Rhein retained a breast reconstruction plastic surgery expert who conducted an in-person exam and prepared a written report regarding causation, including a differential diagnosis. The insurance company settled for the policy limits within 10 days after receiving the expert’s report.

Rhein Defeats Public Adjuster’s Lien and Protects Client from Harassment

Rhein represented a woman who was being harassed by a public insurance adjuster in relation to a fire loss. The public adjuster submitted false information to the client’s insurance company, resulting in his termination by the client. The public adjuster then filed a large lien against the client’s insurance claim and began to harass the client with threats of litigation while preventing the insurance company from releasing funds. Rhein took the case and negotiated an interpleader of the disputed balance so that the insurance company could release most of the insurance money to the client. Rhein then filed a crossclaim against the public adjuster for fraud, as well as a motion forcing the public adjuster to retain counsel. The public adjuster eventually gave up his unethical lien and allowed all of the insurance money to be disbursed to the client.

Rhein Holds Immigration Lawyer Accountable for Improper Filing

Rhein represented a family that was trying to immigrate to the United States. Their former lawyer was required to file certain documents, but arguably filed them improperly, resulting in USCIS rejecting the filing and causing a capital loss of $75,000. After extensive negotiations, Rhein recovered the entire lost amount from the lawyer’s liability insurance.